A Connoisseurs Guide to Twist Engagement Rings

What is a Twist Engagement Ring?

The style of engagement ring to gain most notoriety has to be the twist engagement ring design. Rather than vertical, flared claws, the claws usually twirl from the base of the setting. A broad diversity of designs exist, ranging from hand-made pieces to CAD designed commissions. Below we have featured a selection of some of the most refined, best twist engagement rings that are available.

All of the following ring images were provided courtesy of Serendipity Diamonds, who currently retail each design crafted to each client’s exact specifications.

The Simple Twist Setting


Simple four claw twist engagement ring

Simple twist engagement ring shown here with shaped diamond wedding ring

The simple twist has very little detail other than four claws that twirl. The design below is also fairly low to the finger, making it a practical engagement ring design. The photograph here shows the simplicity of the design, but highlights the possibilities when it comes to the wedding ring. Here we see a bespoke shaped wedding ring created for one of Serendipity Diamond’s clients working around the shape of the setting.

The Burlesque Twist Engagement Ring

Burlesque twist engagement ring

Burlesque twist engagement ring with large 1 carat central diamond

Burlesque twist engagement ring on hand

Burlesque shown here on the hand.

The Burlesque design, or R1D027S to give its SKU, has few rivals amongst diamond engagement rings. The styling is refined, and perfectly executed. We recommend a central diamond at 0.40cts or above. The perfection of this design in finish and styling is clear even from photographs.

The Open Twist Setting

Open twist engagement ring

The open twist setting holding a 0.80 carat diamond

The open twist represents one of the most minimal styles of engagement ring design. Beyond the sculptured plain shoulders, the diamond is open fully to the light dispensing with claws. Ensure you have the correct finger size for this design.

The Juliana Twist

Juliana twist engaement ring with opposing diamond set shoulders

Juliana twist engaement ring with opposing diamond set shoulders

Our final ring, the Juliana twist balances a fine four claw setting for the diamond, with diamond shoulders. Grain set diamonds adorn opposite sides to the shoulders of this beautifully crafted twist diamond ring design.

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