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456(France) Johanna Braitbart (France) Education Experience Bachelor of Science in the famous Lesage embroidery workshop learning work experience in the Belko (France) Johan Brabbart (France) (Bercot) studio; Dice Kayek and Facteur Celeste for embroidery design, and began to 1998 Personal Collection and Scarf Design; 1998 was invited to participate in the first PREMIERE CLASSE Paris fashion accessories exhibition; the first personal studio and shop in the Paris Passport du Grand Cerf (Passage du Grand Cerf) opened; successively in Paris, Le Puy Marche Le Bon Marche and Frank Franck (Franck et Fils) department store,
cheap michael kors handbags, New York ‘s Podoff \\\\ u0026 Goodman (8) Bergdorf Goodman and Takashimaya; Isetan,
michael kors outlet uk, Daimaru and Shiseido in Tokyo; embroidery for the Givency and Sherrer brands; Thal \\\\ U0026 Thomas (Chantal Thomas) to do the design Tang Dynasty period dress makeup is a different period deprec,
michael kors handbags outlet, the moving pictures in the Instagram can also see a lot of bigname models who figure Than the previous popular chiffon perspective, which incorporates more artistic inspiration in the design ,
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As the 16th China Jiangsu (Changshu) Clothing Accessories Fair and the 2015 Jiangnan International Fashion Week, one of the important activities, the morning of May 20, China Women ‘s Coat Design and Research Institute was was completed in Changshu Silk mainly used high-gloss treatment,
michael kors handbags outlet, the souvenir jacket, sleeveless dress and wide leg trousers and so on a single product is very critical , But also in the wedding and banquet installed on the market popular ‘They are real life, not just live in the moment T stage brilliant

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