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456(France) Johanna Braitbart (France) Education Experience Bachelor of Science in the famous Lesage embroidery workshop learning work experience in the Belko (France) Johan Brabbart (France) (Bercot) studio; Dice Kayek and Facteur Celeste for embroidery design, and began to 1998 Personal Collection and Scarf Design; 1998 was invited to participate in the first PREMIERE CLASSE Paris fashion accessories exhibition; the first personal studio and shop in the Paris Passport du Grand Cerf (Passage du Continue Reading →

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The woman is to their own ruthless street shooting reward wave ’2014 highset autumn and winter fashion Week street shoot wave’ In fact, This dress is light green,
cheap michael kors handbags, see her feet of laser metal shoes? The same metallic color: street shooting reward wave ’2014 highset autumn and winter fashion week street to enjoy a wave of’ silver Xstyle dress, two skirt type is now similar to Kazakhstan , I want to say that dress is really s Continue Reading →

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simple twist engagement ring shown with wedding ring

What is a Twist Engagement Ring? The style of engagement ring to gain most notoriety has to be the twist Continue Reading →

Find Your Way Around a Diamond

Diamond facet diagram showing parts of a diamond

Diamond Facet Diagram Today we’ve added a simple diagram to show the very simple names associated with a diamond. From Continue Reading →

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